MoCA products

Taikan has developed a specialized line of splitters, filters, and diplexers for incorporating MoCA signal distribution and functionality throughout a home. The MoCA technology enables operators to reliably deliver and stream HD video content to their customer's set top boxes, smart TVs and other media devices.


Moca splitters

  • 5-1675 MHz Bandwidth

  • Superior Isolation and Return Loss for Return Path

  • Round Contact Insertion Pins

  • Solder Back for 120 dB RFI Shielding Effectiveness

  • Zinc Alloy Die-Cast Housing, Tin Plated

  • Low Intermodulation Distortion & Protection against Spikes and Ferrite Saturation

  • POE Filter Option Provides Superior Signal Loss



  • 5-1600 MHz Bandwidth

  • 5-1002 MHz Pass Band

  • 1125-1500 MHz MoCA Stop Band

  • Screening Efficiency Meets EN 50083-2 Class A Standard

  • Low Insertion Loss and Excellent Return Loss

  • 75 ohm, Male Female F type Connector Screw Thread




  • 5-3000 MHz bandwidth

  • MoCA port 1125 - 1525 MHz Passband

  • HFC port 5 - 1002 MHz Passband

  • Zinc alloy die-cast housing


VoIP MoCA Amplifiers

  • Passive VoIP Port for Critical Voice Service

  • 4 or 8 Optimized MoCA Ports

  • Unity Gain on Forward and Return Paths

  • 6kV Surge Resistance

  • Zinc Alloy Corrosion Resistant Die-cast Housing


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