OEM/ODM Services

Taikan offers an array of services for companies needing assistance in transforming their product concepts into reality. These services include, circuit board assembly, material sourcing and full or partial product customization. No matter what service a client may choose, Taikan's
OEM/ODM services add value in the following ways:


manufacturing & development knowledge

Drawing from our manufacturing experience we are able to advise our clients on the most cost efficient production methods.  Furthermore you have ready access to our product development team to provide feedback on additional product enhancements. All of these discussions are carried out in the utmost discretion in order to safeguard your intellectual property.


quality control

When a product is initially proposed for manufacturing our research and development team works closely with our clients to understand the product specifications.  Each prototype is tested thoroughly and an accompanying report is provided for initial approval. 

During the manufacturing process each product goes through a stringent review process to ensure that not only specifications meet client guidelines but also packing and delivery method.


customer service

Our account representatives assist our clients by providing details on the product development process, and shipping process.  A combined team in Asia and the United States allows for 24 hour access so you are likely to receive an update every step of the way.