Dispersion compensation module

Taikan’s ODCM is used to increase the transmission distances of 1550 nm analog and digital signals. This module compensates for optical dispersion in fiber that causes the light pulses to spread and generate signal impairment. Several values of compensation are available that cover from 10 km to 100 km of optical fiber. When using dispersion compensation modules, the transmission distances in fiber can be increased significantly without regenerating the signals. In a DWDM network, significant costs can be saved by eliminating regeneration points.


optical dispersion compensation module

  • Compatible with Standard Single Mode optical Fiber SMF-28 (ITU G.652), 1525~1565 nm Transmission Channel

  • Eliminates the Influence of a System's Index, Due to Residual Dispersion

  • 100% Dispersion Slope Compensation

  • Low insertion Loss, Low Polarized Mode Dispersion



Taikan’s Dense Wave Division Multiplexer (DWDM) and Coarse Wave Division Multiplexer (CWDM) are is manufactured with a mature thin-film filtering technology, and exhibit low insertion loss and high isolation/reliability/stability. Encased in a compact housing, with a variety of channel options, it is mainly used in metropolitan networks and access networks for multiplexing / de-multiplexing signals.


coarse wave division multiplexer Mux/demux

  • Applications: Access Networks, Metro WDM Systems, Enterprise Networks

  • Low Insertion Loss

  • High Channel Isolation

  • Low Polarization Dependent Loss

  • Exception Reliability and Stability


dense wave division multiplexer mux/demux

  • Applications: Main Trunk DWDM System, MAN DWDM System

  • 100G Channel Spacing

  • High Channel Isolation

  • Low Insertion Loss

  • High Reliability and Stability

  • Compact Design


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