Taikan’s BNA series line amplifier is a two-way output amplifier available at 860 MHz or 1 GHz frequencies. Its modular design allows integration of the thermal compensator, forward (downstream), and return (upstream) amplifier in one water-resistant unit. This reliable, high performance amplifier provides a cost effective solution for optimization of HFC TV networks


860 MHz 2 Way Line amplifier

  • Switchable Power Supply

  • Water-resistant Outdoor Housing Suitable for All Locations

  • Uses GaAs Power Double Amplifier Module


  • Uses Two-way Amplifier to Transport TV and Data Signals

  • Automatically Adjusts Gain According to the Output Level or Environmental Temperature


1 GHz 2 Way Line amplifier

  • 1 GHz Frequency Amplifier Platform with SMT Technology

  • Two 108 dBuV Output Ports, Each with a Built-in Attenuator

  • Unitized Design with Detachable Amplifier and Power Supply Module

  • 1 GHz GaAs Double Power Amplifier Module Offers High Linearity and Fidelity


  • Rugged Outdoor Housing Offers Excellent Water Resistance and Electromagnetic Shielding Performance

  • Transistor Surge Arrester Resists Lightning and Surge Voltages

  • Diplex Filter Option Offers Various Band Splits


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