SA Cisco 33 Series Outdoor Taps and Passives CATV


Taikan’s 33 series taps have been designed with the future of the CATV industry in mind. All units come complete with a factory installed power passing bar for uninterrupted service when the faceplate is removed. Interchangeable faceplates with the 2, 4, and 8 port models allow for future network growth while minimizing costly equipment upgrades for providers. All taps are backed by Taikan’s one year limited warranty.

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electrical & safety features

  • 5-1002 MHz bandwidth (1.218 GHz bandwidth available)

  • 12 Amp Current Capacity (15 A for Passives)

  • Blocking Capacitors on the "F" ports for Extended Surge Resistance

  • Power Passing Option: CB Continuous through Signal without Faceplate

  • Surge Withstand C62.41-1991 IEEE C6241 Category B3/6kV Combination Wave, 3000 Amp

  • Compliant with SCTE Guidelines

  • Printed Circuit Boards

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housing & Mechanical design

  • Aluminum Alloy Housing Used for Corrosion Resistance

  • Rubber Gasket & RFI Shielding at 120 dB

  • Epoxy Sealed & Nickel Plated Brass "F" Ports

  • Double Polyurethane Coating for Greater Weather Protection

  • Easily Interchangeable Faceplates

  • Aerial or Pedstal Installation



optional features

  • 2, 4, 8, or 16 Port Models

  • Reverse Window Option

  • Widebody Housing (2 & 4 Port)

  • Conditioning Ready Option (Not Available in the United States)




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