Taikan’s 88 series taps have been designed with the future of the CATV industry in mind. All units come complete with a factory installed power passing bar for uninterrupted service when the faceplate is removed. Interchangeable faceplates allow for future network growth while minimizing costly equipment upgrades for providers. All taps are backed by Taikan’s one year limited warranty.

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electrical & safety features

  • 5-1002 MHz bandwidth (1.218 GHz bandwidth available)

  • 12 Amp Current Capacity (15 A for Passives)

  • Blocking Capacitors on the "F" ports for Extended Surge Resistance

  • Power Passing Option: CB Continuous through Signal without Faceplate

  • Surge Withstand C62.41-1991 IEEE C6241 Category B3/6kV Combination Wave, 3000 Amp

  • Compliant with SCTE Guidelines

  • Printed Circuit Boards

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housing & Mechanical design

  • Aluminum Alloy Housing Used for Corrosion Resistance

  • Widebody Housing (2, 4, & 8 Ports)

  • Rubber Gasket & RFI Shielding at 120 dB

  • Epoxy Sealed & Nickel Plated Brass "F" Ports

  • Double Polyurethane Coating for Greater Weather Protection

  • Easily Interchangeable Faceplates

  • Aerial or Pedestal Installation



optional features

  • Reverse Window Option

  • Conditioning Ready Option (Not Available in the United States)




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